COPD Symposium Online!

I’ve been slow to catch up to this development even though I’ve been a part of it. Each year, the European Respiratory Society holds its annual scientific meeting to share late-breaking news in the field of respiratory medicine. It’s a sprawling meeting hosting more than 20,000 international attendees who may attend sessions on developments in common lung conditions or blue-sky speculative science discussions on rare diseases. It’s easy to miss something of interest.

Many of the posters and abstracts can be tracked down online after the meeting is over but this option is open only to European Respiratory Society members who have paid the meeting’s registration fee. Some of the most interesting sessions are the evening symposium where topics are address in detail and experts in the field attempt to synthesize the latest science and predict where the field is moving.

This past year, I was part of a symposium on COPD with three well-known international experts. Our presentations have been recorded and are available online, hosted by the open access journal, Respiratory Medicine. The talks are aimed at pulmonary doctors or at least those with some background in medicine. If our Inspiration Research patients navigate to the site, they may find the medical speak at bit daunting but they can be reassured that they’ve likely contributed to the discussion if they’ve been involved in one of our COPD research trials. If it’s of interest, two links are below, to the overall symposium and to my presentation specifically: