It takes a dedicated team to allow Inspiration Research Limited (IRL) to hold its place as a respected and renowned research team in the field of respiratory health. With more than 800 registered clients and 7 specialized team members. Today we will learn more about one key team member: Senior Clinical Trial Manager, Jane Duke. 

In speaking with Jane she shares her personal experiences with IRL. Looking back on seventeen years with IRL a lot has changed;  at IRL, life for Jane, and the field of clinical trial research “I am extremely grateful that I have a supportive work environment that allowed me to put my family first”. Jane brings diverse personal and professional experiences that have allowed her to excel in her current role.

Jane joined IRL in 2003, as a clinical trial coordinator. Starting at just two days a week, she balanced her family demands with the research needs. From that time Jane has grown into an instrumental member at IRL.

She is critical to all stages of clinical trials: from applying for ethics approval from Health Canada and local groups too, the day to day interaction of trials. All this leads to the development of new Health Canada and the FDA Federal Drug Administration approval for medication and treatments. In many cases these are novel drugs, IRL work provides proof of concept, meaning the study demonstrated that the medication is feasible. This process brings new treatment options to support a higher quality of life for those impacted by respiratory conditions like COPD and Alpha- 1. 

Some may wonder how one prepares for this dynamic title?

To develop the skills needed Jane has worked in a variety of clinical settings from the hospitals to northern nursing with Health Canada. 

Her passion for clinical trials started in 1996, with Multi-Organ Transplants. Here she was exposed to hands-on learning opportunities. The detail-oriented and patient-focused nature of the work had Jane hooked. She enjoyed being able to spend time with patients and bring them treatment options they would not otherwise have access too. As Jane’s knowledge of clinical trials has grown, so too has the field. As such in 2006, Jane joined the Society of Clinical Research Associates, an educational membership organization committed to providing education, certification, and networking opportunities to all persons involved in clinical research activities.