With the diverse roles at Inspiration Research, it takes a diverse team. On the front end interacting with participants takes great awareness and sensitivity to educate them on the sensitivities of research. This needs to be balanced with the strict demands of research. Striking this balance is challenging but Inspiration research Shinead was more than up for the task.  

Shinead M Callery is the Clinical Trials Coordinator/Study Nurse at Inspiration Research. Her energy and excitement for the role is infectious. What makes Shinead excited to come out on a Monday morning? 

“When I am meeting a new study patient for the first time for screening- doing the teaching and protocol review can be very interesting for the subject and for me!”

Coming from a nursing background face to face work and the patient experience is top of mind for Shinead. This helps to explain why being able to benefit patients in trials is so exciting. The potential for this work to positively impact future patients adds to Shinead’s passion. 

Shinead came to Inspiration research with a wealth of experience as an RN for 17 years. When reciting her experiences it’s hard not to be impressed. “My main previous focus was Pediatric critical care and Intensive care (8+ years) at the bedside. Since then I have worked with the Ontario Poison Centre as a bilingual poison nurse, Diagnostic Imaging as a sedation nurse at Sick Kids hospital, Best Doctors as a liaison and intake nurse to obtain 2nd opinions on diagnosis and treatment, and just before starting I had worked in fertility- mainly in the operating room for less than a year.” 

While she didn’t boast an abundance of research time prior to joining the Inspiration Research team. In response, Shinead has jumped on every learning opportunity. 

She finds a buzz in the new medications, all of the devices being used for medication delivery, and compliance tracking!  Each day brings learning and teaching.  Even when starting a trial for the first time with a well-known subject there is a great teaching opportunity. This is one of Shineads favourite aspects of nursing. 

In closing, whether it’s Monday morning or Friday afternoon, every day brings its own challenges and she does her best to rise to the occasion!