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Image your favourite knit sweater - super cozy and fits just right. Every once in a while little fluffy pills develop but you can just use a lint roller or scissors to keep things clean.  What would happen if the sweater got a snag and stretched out a bit? You can’t put the snag back [...]


Our Research


The team at Inspiration Research is excited to be part of the latest research. Acting at the forefront allows us to bring the most up-to-date treatments to patients. This helps to create and accomplish care plans with improve outcomes. To learn more about our work check out the link below Click here  If you have [...]

Our Research2021-09-11T13:59:55-04:00

Asthma taking back control


Asthma is a chronic condition that can significantly reduce one's quality of life. A diagnosis can mean daily challenges ad can have significant implications. But living well with asthma is possible.  Well-controlled asthma is possible with support from health care providers and appropriate treatment plans. Like any chronic condition, it takes some effort to determine [...]

Asthma taking back control2021-05-23T13:41:53-04:00

Coranavirus 19 – Suggestions for patients asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory illnesses


During these early days of the Covid 19 crisis, I’ve spent much of my time on the telephone with my patients.  I’m not seeing patients routinely in my office and for the most part, it’s been a matter of verifying that my patients are stable, repeating their prescriptions and planning on a rescheduled appointment [...]

Coranavirus 19 – Suggestions for patients asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory illnesses2021-04-11T16:08:23-04:00

Fall Update


While many things have slowed down as of late Dr. Chapman has been as busy as ever. With virtual offerings, Dr. Chapman has continued to help advance research to help those living with respiratory conditions.    The European Respiratory Society International conference celebrated its 30th year with an online conference. You can hear Dr. Chapman, [...]

Fall Update2021-04-11T16:29:07-04:00

The ARIETTA study


You are a special butterfly, a unique person with individual traits and characteristics - so is your asthma. While there is a general understanding of what asthma is there are large variations in the severity of the condition and treatment options. When overwhelmed with options it is nice to turn to science to understand what [...]

The ARIETTA study2021-04-11T16:26:17-04:00
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